What’s in a NAME???

Ok. Happy Monday.
Here is a couple of collage photo of some of my old beads, these photos are just a few of the sets I made as early as 2002 to late 2006. As most of you know the number of bead sets I have made runs over 4000. But back in 2006 I stopped putting them in the archives of my site, back when my dad was sick, I was too busy to worry about it. For the past year of course you can find the beads I have sold in the sold section of my etsy shop.
I was looking for some beads that someone said I made & was selling them under my name in a bracelet, which turned out not to be mine, just my name was in use…I was flattered really. But while I was looking I fell upon some of the photos of my past beads & decided to use them to ask about NAME changes for old designs, when they are being made by newer artists & designers, as in the case of some of the clothes we see today.
For some time now, I have been seeing some beads listed on line & in the forums, lovely beads, no issues there, but the design names are confusing to me…in the past I have made these beads, I have seen other artists & glass bead makers who came long before me, also make them, some designs have been around for a few hundred years really.
From the time I Started making beads about 8 years ago til now, the two designs that I am talking about have been called Harlequin (& its many different branches, thats the triangles that come together or past one another to the other side of the bead with good encasing) & the other is the twisted encased stringer bead. Now they are being called Wigwag & Ribbon beads. my driend Ilknur was even trying to show the twisted strigner encased bead to me as a new design in the class that I was teachign in Turkey last month.
Not sure when this happened, not sure why folks think these are new designs that need new names. I wonder why this kind of thing happens at all & not just in glass bead making?
My friend who is also my mom in-law & I, talk about this all the time, how the new generation changes the name of something the last generation has been doing forever & then calls it a new idea, this comes up mostly when we talk about political ideas. I am however noticing this trend in everything anymore, from folks wearing the puffy shoulders of the 80’s & those horrible bright primary colors & calling them new designs, to that big ugly belt that everyone, here anyway, is putting in the middle of their waist over everything they wear, which is also a total recall from the 80’s for sure. Some car designs, some home designs, even some movie & book plots, all recalled from the past.
What do you think? why is there this need to stamp something that has been around for some time NEW? Is it because we all need to feel like we are the creators of our own time? is it because there is no more creativity left & we just have to recycle everything to keep it fresh, every 20 years, what goes around, comes back around. Should I have kept my big ugly belts, my big shoulder clothes, in the primary colors? Say it ain’t So??? when it comes to beads should I remake my past beads?
Or am I just getting older???

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