Do you ever just wait & wait? until you forget what you are waiting for?Here in England I wait at the post office for so long, 1 hour 15 minutes the other day, I feel like Bart Simpson, writing on the black board in my mind over & over, “I will never ever say another bad thing about the post office in California.
Take the case of our stuff, you know, bedding, photos, decorating goods, cool things we have collected from out travels, our carpets, our beds, oh yeah & there is the matter of 700 pounds of glass, 3 of my torches, all my presses, all the rest of my tools & all the goodies to make jewelry with, including my silver, crystals & what have you.
We have been waiting since the end of May for our STUFF to arrive from America. We have already bought a ton of bedding, since what we had with us is not really enough, I had brought a torch & initial set up, also I have purchased a ton of Glass from http://www.tuffnellglass.com/ & countless other items. So apparently the wait is over, we should have our stuff soon. Cross your fingers.
Be the first to Guess what I am missing the most out of my stuff & get a set of 3 beads. Leave the guess here in the comment section, this section is moderated, but when I post your comment, it will have a time stamp on it, so we will know who was first.
OH yeah I have new beads….enjoy. Jelveh.

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