Things go Missing…

Hi all, today has been an odd day…I woke up & got an appointment for a minor checkup & all went down hill from there…I should have been back in time to wash the beads, take photos of them, list them, update the blog & send out the email to all… by the way the above is the group photo of the beads.

But that did not happen, so first Time went Missing…then there was no sun, then the photos took forever, since the Sun had gone Missing…then after I got it all together, after I had to drag out the lights and the cube,
I sat down, got the photos up loaded to the lap top & started to write up the information…one of the beads went Missing, I have found it since, but now I can not find the other item that I need to write up my descriptions.


Guess which item I am Missing now & win the lovely bead set you see above, These are so yummy…you will love them. Rules, one Guess per person, and one item per guess. Answers here on the blog only, first person who guesses correctly wins the beads…the blues in this set are all silver glass Picasso…yum.

Thanks for stopping by & by the way the item that went missing is still gone, I can not find it anywhere I have looked all over this house…



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