Queen & Yummy Beads…

Or I could say I am the queen of yummy new beads, Hi all, hope you are doing well below is a quick look at our busy life…

Packing (mostly hubby & Penny, a bit me),Walking, Hubby sick with Cold,I pamper Jelveh Sick with Cold,Hubby pampers,lymph node mad & in pain at the back of my head,Packing, walking,working on the computer(both of us),working out shipping issues.

Sammy the Hamster is going to America,Packing, giving away stuff,Making Beads,Fun,talking to family & friends on skype,Valentines Day, cards presents, sweet love,Dinner,A Night With Queen at the New Oxford Theater

Dancing in the living room,Life is Good,Hubby Birthday,Dinner & Movie,Happy,Hubby is awesome

Making Beads,clean beads,take photos,Packing,Life is Good

Got Dates & Tickets to go back to California,Will miss England,Can not wait to get home,Life is good,More Beads for later,Movie He’s Just Not That Into You, Good

So I did make some yummy beads this for this week, I have listed them in the shop click here to see, or to the right of this posting…

The winner of last week’s beads is Ginny…I think the girl has a secret thing going on with my hubby, since he has picked her name more than any other in the random drawings that i have had for about 6 years now, Congrats girl, here is to the power of creating our own universe…now On to the new bead above, love the way it came out, the mix of colors is amazing, a yummy landscape measures 33mmx28mmx7mm…to win it, all you need to do is make a comment on this blog, tell me about your happy busy lives…& have a thing with my hubby…lol

I am selling my Oxy Con, you bead makers out there who live here in the UK, let me know if you are interested…it wont work in the US due to power issues.

Thanks for stopping by, Life is always good…



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