Great day with Laura….

Its not often that one comes across a really decent nice person, Laura Sparling is truly a kindred spirit, never mind she is one the best glass bead makers I have seen in a long time…I met her yesterday at her home & we spent a very short 5 hours or so chatting about everything from beads to me falling in love with her guinea pigs…The girl fed me a very nice lunch, we talked about all things glass beads, we spent some time on the torch making beads, we found out we had so much in common from bead making to the people we knew in the industry, down to our favorite color, purple…she is truly a delight, I am just sad that I get to meet her only a few weeks before we leave England…but I intend to keep in touch with her.

She is a great bead maker, a true artist at heart & a crazy perfectionist, the combination of which makes for awesome beads…you can find her beads in her etsy shop here like many a great bead maker she has been selling her beads to a very lucky group of people for years on her site & before that on ebay…

I loved her work space, her dad and I fell totally in love with Brenda one of her guinea pigs, at the end of the day I was asking if I could move in…it is always nice when you find a new friend…thanks Laura for a great day…



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