Artist Alert…Galit Barak…

Hi all, in my quest to find great artists & show them off here, I have found Galit Barak Jewelry Designer…below is an interview I did with her…she is pretty cool…enjoy

1. Tell me a bit about you & what is your art form/media?
My name is Galit Barak, I’m 22 years old from Israel.I live in a small town next to the Mediterranean Sea. I always loved to create, and studies fine arts in high school. I learned to knit and crochet at that time and wanted to explore the technique a bit more and started to use simple metal wires.

2. How long have you been working in the medium, why or how did you get started?
I started crocheting wire for jewelry making while serving the IDF 2 3 years ago as a tour guide for soldiers in Jerusalem, and just couldn’t stop creating my jewelry ever since.

3. What inspires and influences your art?
Well, it’s hard to say, I really love using circles and natural shapes but more than anything I’m inspired and influenced by the semi-precious stones and wires I’m using.I combine colors, shapes and textures while using high quality materials as 14 karat gold filled, sterling silver, semi-precious stones and pearls.

4. What is the most favorite part of working with your art medium?
For me each one of my creations is unique. I love making custom order for special events, wedding, and personal ideas of customers.
It is important to me to continuously developing and improving my jewelry so I’m attending to collage for B.Des degree in jewelry design.

5. What was the last item you bought on Etsy & why? If it was a good transaction lets give a shout out to the seller?
The last item I bought was 26ga gold filled headpins from frogcottage
She is so kind, great prices, and no one sell these perfect headpins in Israel!!!!

Thank you!!!

Thank you Galit oh and here is her blog…Thanks for stopping by everyone…



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