Frank Miguletz Mar 23 & 24, 25 & 26, 2019

PLEASE NOTE  a second workshop has been added with Frank on, Mar 25 & 26, 2019

I am so excited to announce that Frank Miguletz,, the amazing glass artist, will have a workshop at Jelveh Designs on Mar 23 & 24, 2019. In this two day class he will share with us some of his favorite techniques. On Friday evening, the 22nd of Mar, we will have a “Meet The Artist” event at the studio from 7pm to 9pm.

Frank Miguletz is a native of the Northern Bavarian Fichtelgebirge mountains. It is here where he spent his childhood and early adulthood absorbing the natural beauties of his hometown Wunsiedel and its surroundings laying a good foundation of knowledge about nature.

His artistic talent soon became apparent at his art classes at school.

After receiving his degree as an engineer in landscape architecture, he took up a job at Lufthansa IT Competence Center acquiring an additional qualification as a trainer.

He has been a lamp worker since 2007 and has since developed his particular designs and shapes. He attends exhibitions and European shows and received an ISGB scholarship for the Gathering 2017 in Las Vegas. Many bead makers have already had the opportunity to attend his classes.

Frank now lives in the countryside in Bavaria where he and his husband have made their home in a small market place. Decorating and furnishing their home is one of Frank’s passtimes while their garden and the diverse animal and plant life in it offer him recreation and inspiration.

Apart from lamp working, he is also a talented painter in all kinds of materials.

 Frank Miguletz Two Day Workshop $550, lunch & supplies included, 9am to 5pm Sat & Sun Mar 23 & 24, 2019

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Day 1:

  • Classic “Lexi” beads 2.0
  • “Bouquet” beads
  • “Valentine’s Lexi” beads

We learn how I make my signature “Lexi” pattern – color combinations I prefer – how to build up a “Maxi Lexi” and why this way – hints and tricks and why I break the “color scheme” – ”Valentine’s Lexi” beads – how to put the heart in that – and some hints how to make this pattern work with opaque colors or transparent colors.

Day 2:

“Miguu” beads

“Black Linea” beads

“Foenix” beads

We will make my beloved “Miguu” beads – different methods to start – how to keep these crisp lines till the end – let the glass flow – the “Miguu” shape only by using gravity – preparing the different canes for the “Black Linea” – perfectly encasing the whole bead and protecting the colors – and again gravity – let the glass flow

Last but not least my “Foenix” beads – the faked implosion!

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