Aja Vaz October 19 & 20, 2019

Amazing Glass Artist Aja Vaz

to visit Jelveh Designs Studio October 19th & 20th 2009. She will share with us her love of glass. I have known Aja for many years, perhaps 8 years not sure, she is very kind, smart, lovely & delightful to be around. I have seen her demo & love her work. As I was looking for a bio for her for this post, I ran across, this article on her site https://ajavaz.com/. I think the article has a great quick bio of her. enjoy.

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Aja Vaz Class Description- Puffy Mandrels 2 Day

In this 2 day class, Aja will be sharing her love of hollow beads in an Abstract Organics Intensive. Techniques in blowing hollows on Puffy Mandrels will be taught.

Heat control, shaping, stringer work, raking and silver fuming will be covered. Different ways of using glass to get an abstract organic look will be practiced, as well as learning to apply your own vision. Students will have plenty of time to practice techniques, as well as having one on one time with the instructor.

 Building on the previous techniques already learned, we’ll also learn about common mistakes and how to fix them. Opaque and transparent glasses, powders and shards will all be used. Join us for a fun-filled, free-flowing class and gain an understanding of how Aja is able to make beads that have people asking, “Is that glass?”

This is an intermediate class.

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