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June, New Beads, News…

Hello all, how are you doing? how is your summer shaping up? hope all is well with you…things are great around here. Although I have not updated the blog for a month. No worries all is good here, I have been battling & winning against Psoriatic Arthritis. I had to cancel my class […]

2012, Here we Go…

Happy New Year everyone, hope you had the best of Holidays…we had a blast…since time is such a fleeting thing & short in supply in many of our lives, I thought I would start the new year with a quick blog post/newsletter… Beads: I have tons of them, been listing […]

Twice in Two Weeks…wow

Hi all, yes its true….I am actually blogging twice in two weeks, don’t get used to it, may just be a fluke…hope you are having a good week. All of a sudden all the leaves got orange & fell off our tree, its obviously finally fall where I am… earlier today there was a crisp wind […]