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She made us…The Beads

Hello all, hope you are having a wonderful summer…I have been kind of slow this summer, this blog post is actually from 100s of beads I have made that are still on the mandrel and need to be cleaned and photographed & listed…but I have listed a whole bunch of […]

June, New Beads, News…

Hello all, how are you doing? how is your summer shaping up? hope all is well with you…things are great around here. Although I have not updated the blog for a month. No worries all is good here, I have been battling & winning against Psoriatic Arthritis. I had to cancel my class […]

Bead Soup, New Beads…

Hi all & a happy September to you…just got back from visiting Grandma & Grandpa for their 90th birthdays & 70th wedding anniversary which is on the same day as ours…Drove from California to Montana & back with Mooshi, she did really well & was a hit with the Grandparents. […]

New Beads, Doggy Dock Diving & More…

Hi all, Happy March to you…the sun is finally out today but on Sat we had snow in Gilroy, when we had our bi- monthly meeting at the studio where we hosted Beads of Courage…lots of beads were made for the cause, thanks again to Lena Rhoeds for letting us […]

Beauty Contest Fall 2010

Hi all, its October 28th and time to announce the winners, congrats to all who participated & the winners, you will be able to enter another contest of mine in the Spring time…for now here is the email that I got this morning from the lovely Susan & Marlynn from […]