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New Beads & Events…

Hi, hope your summer is going well…ours is off to a fantastic start with lovely days full of sunshine…I have been having a great time this past week teaching lampwork bead making to a class full of school teachers…I love them all…Maureen is the ringleader, with the best smile, she […]

Holly’s Class & New Beads…

Hello everyone…as you may know Holly Cooper was here last weekend teaching a class at our studio in Gilroy…Graceful Customs Studios hosted a great class, as always Grace, Frank, myself & Carol were delighted to host this class for such an awesome teacher with a truly lovely group of students…all […]

She made us…The Beads

Hello all, hope you are having a wonderful summer…I have been kind of slow this summer, this blog post is actually from 100s of beads I have made that are still on the mandrel and need to be cleaned and photographed & listed…but I have listed a whole bunch of […]