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Twice in Two Weeks…wow

Hi all, yes its true….I am actually blogging twice in two weeks, don’t get used to it, may just be a fluke…hope you are having a good week. All of a sudden all the leaves got orange & fell off our tree, its obviously finally fall where I am… earlier today there was a crisp wind […]

New Beads, Doggy Dock Diving & More…

Hi all, Happy March to you…the sun is finally out today but on Sat we had snow in Gilroy, when we had our bi- monthly meeting at the studio where we hosted Beads of Courage…lots of beads were made for the cause, thanks again to Lena Rhoeds for letting us […]

Photos, New beads & October…??

 Wow its already October…!!! do you wonder where this year has gone, I sure do…the weather does not know its October yet or that is was September last weekend when we had our first ever of many to come I am sure, SBG NOR CAL meeting at the studio…photos below, […]