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Can you Believe what she said…?????

Hi all, dont you love email marketing? now that I have your attention…I just wanted to say sorry for the silence, been busy getting ready for Turkey & fighting a sinus cold thing…its the weather I tell, its cold one day, sunny one day & wet the next…I am confused, […]

Mother’s Day Blues & New Beads…

Hope you had a great Mother’s day…we missed seeing all of our mom’s today…for one thing I have been sick since our last adventure this past Mon to Wed to Los Vegas…Hubby had some work to do, I went along for some fun…my sister reminds me that if I listened […]

New Beads, Rain & Sunshine….

Not sure what the weather is doing anymore, on Friday when we had our very successful March Get Together at Graceful Studios it rained forever…All kinds of new folks showed up & we shared some food, beads, Jewelry & silver soldering…it was a great mixer…the next meeting is Friday April 9th, […]