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Tips & Tricks for Glass bead & Jewelry making...

Bead Press: When pressing your bead in one of the bead presses out there, make sure you cool it down a bit, perhaps a few seconds out of the flame & then press, this will help make the holes nicer on the bead...

Bead Cleaning:
Tip by me Jelveh...After your beads have been properly annealed and are cool, remove them from the mandrel and place them in a cup of warm water with...I am not joking...1-2 tablets of Efferdent. Yes, that's right, the popular denture cleaner. (no I am not being paid extra by the Efferdent people). The Efferdent will clean out most of the bead release from the hole and loosen any stubborn bead release residue that can then be cleaned out with a brush. The result is a much cleaner bead hole and a lot less work to get it there. One caveat though: this technique should not be used on beads with metal, especially silver that is embedded in the surface. I made a gorgeous set of these beads but the Efferdent seemed to eat away at the silver, leaving it dark and pitted. However, it has no affect on the glass itself, even when etched. 

Organizing Beads:
Tip from Barb Shapiro who is a great jewelry artist and a brand new client of Jelveh Designs here is a what she has to say about organizing your beads: Many of us beadaholics like to organize our beads into divided containers. After ordering containers with flip tops for my beads, I realized that the Tic-Tac boxes are exactly the same....just a little bigger. Just soak off the paper and it's for free. As long as you don't mind the small number stamped on it, it works just fine! I am addicted to Tic Tacs and have amassed quite a collection in a short time.

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