Greek Yogert Honey…

You ever have one of those days? you are going along, life is good, you have made great beads,
the house is somewhat clean, you have got the whole day to do nothing but list beads, pick winners for the last of the weekly contests & send out an email to all…

Then it happens, you have one of those creepy odd days, while you try & figure out why you
were screaming at the guy on the phone in India, hired by the guy who owns your bank in the UK handling your money…you realize, its not your fault its not his fault, its no ones fault, sometimes life just is what it is… After the odd phone conversation, I had the worst hair dye job I have ever had, folks you have got to see this, perhaps not!! I am going back to have it fixed on Wednesday…if I feel brave I will take a photo for the blog, anyway, its light Orangey red all over the crown and darker red everywhere else, it looks as if my red root have come out and I need a root fix, save for my hair is all black, blue black when I went in and asked for a burgundy red colors….AARGh…So after that my ODD hair & I had to go to the bank downtown oxford to sort things out there.

“Yes, that was really me trying to purchase tickets for our trip to Turkey in September on line…” I say, “oh OK, no worries then” the guy at bank tells me, “sure you can spend your money going on trips…its just our policy to look out for out of habit spending…” Out of habit spending, I was just in Turkey for 3 weeks…Perhaps I am planning on going back…So I will try & list my yummy beads for you today, its now almost 6pm…perhaps you have to wait till Wednesday
for new beads…who knows…

On the way home, I got myself introduced to a flavor of Ice Cream I had never had before, Greek Yogurt Honey…yummmmmmm
life is good


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